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Rep. Kennedy is getting himself into a nice twisty pretzel too:

“So, obviously, for the full effectiveness of the person, it’s to their benefit to have everything on a record, but it’s going to be totally up to the individual,” said Kennedy. “We’re not going to get people to fully buy into this if they don’t feel comfortable with the record–and the one way to not make them feel comfortable with the record is to force everything on them and say, ‘This is a mandate, you’re going to have to do this or that.’ Because if that happens, then people aren’t going to want to buy in and the system’s not going to work.

It’s to our benefit to not blast music, and in that case you must legislate against it because we are too childish to know what is best for us. But if it is in our benefit for doctors to know everything about our medical history, you DON’T think it is important to mandate we tell them? Now, I do not favor either, but where is the consistency here?

And really, do I need to comment on the last two sentences? Did he really say that with a straight face. You wouldn’t have a clue that our enlightened elected officials are prepping the Castor Oil to help BaucusObamaCare go down a little smoother, would you?

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  1. Harry says:

    Pat Kennedy is an idiot, although saying so may be unfair. I guess that you can be smart enough to have your staff compose enough words to say nothing. I give it an F. Pat gets a D-, of course, but the dum staff gets an F.

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