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My alma mater is proud to produce socialists. (more here) I must be their biggest regret. Perhaps a bigger pox for them is that I was admitted (in my view) only because I played football. Were it not for that preference, I would not have gotten in. And athlete preferences at places like Amherst totally swamp the preferences that are given to economically disadvantaged students.

One Response to “Amherst College: Socialist Factory”

  1. Harry says:

    I sure hope Amherst regrets admitting you, having come in under the radar as a football player. This would be justice.

    Be happy that you were not rejected because you could not play the Glockenspiel for the Amherst Marching Band. (There’s a true story there, which I can tell you off-blog.)

    What I wonder is, how would the admissions office react if someone in a federal agency would regulate their decisions as closely as the feds propose to regulate medical doctors’ decisions?

    I hope that your filing this piece under “regrets” has in mind their regrets, not yours.

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