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Are vital for GM’s health? Yep. So much for that Obama promise to not play politics with GM. It’s only our money now anyway.

Chrysler and GM have moved aggressively to cut their transportation costs, effecting Teamster jobs and riling the union’s political friends. Chrysler, for example, will save 25 percent of its $111 million annual hauling budget by transferring to lower-cost carriers. But Michigan reps from both sides of the aisle are unimpressed, reports the Detroit News. “Relatively minor short-term cost savings generated by shifting this work to non-unionized companies is greatly outweighed by the elimination of good-paying, union middle-class jobs,” complains Michigan Republican Thaddeus McCotter.

HT to Coyote.

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  1. Speedmaster says:

    Now UAW (or other union) member left behind! That’s what’s hidden behind so many of these programs.

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