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New York State is terrific at it. Now our governor and the brilliant minds in the state legislature are proposing:

… new license plate fee is on top of the 25 percent jump in drivers’ license and registration fees that were included in the budget and are already in place – fee hikes that especially hurt upstate New York where we rely on our vehicles for work.

At a time when families are struggling to make ends meet and businesses are forced to cut jobs or leave the state, out-of-touch Albany politicians passed a budget with $8.5 billion in new taxes and fees, including the license plate scheme, to pay for billions in new spending – and no property tax relief. Now we’re seeing the result: a $3 billion deficit.

My reading of the new law is that everyone MUST purchase new license plates. Hey, it’s just another $25. Who can argue with that? It’s for the common good, right? Let’s think again of what happens when a company is struggling. It tries to reduce its costs, lower prices or deliver a more competitive product. Let’s think about what happens when the thugs state legislature is struggling: they raise costs, lower quality, and force unwilling taxpayers to purchase more of that stuff at the same time.

Remind me again what that social contract thingy said.

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  1. harry says:

    Be glad that they only raise your car license fee. It could be worse.

    Tax ’em for the lice, tax ’em for the mice, tax ’em for goiing to the…

    In Les Miserables the musical Javert was the bad guy, but the bourgeiosie was always there oppressing the poor, a statement by our artistic class about their view of the world that ever since has always struck me with a dissonant chord. But the Master of the House reminds me of Ed Rendell, who wants to tax our volunteer choir with a tax on tickets.

    I’m waiting for a toll booth at the restroom, where you can deposit coins or swipe a debit card (not credit card, which might give you points) prior to entering. EPA regulations will admonish all not to go outside. The lawyers will be watching for violators.

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