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So global warming causes tornedos, hurricanes, polar bear starvation, flooding, malaria spreading, the Jets being terrible at football … and now … global warming causes prostitution.

HT to Warren Meyer, and no, that is not from the Onion.

3 Responses to “First It Was Drinking That Caused Prostitution”

  1. Harry says:

    No, it’s not global warming that causes prostitution! I’ts the animal kingdom’s production of carbon dioxide. The soultion to this problem is, according to Rochester’s senior senator, is to disgorge excess profits from Exxon, and disgorge with cap-and-trade half a trillion or more from folks who use energy to stay warm in cold places like Rochester. This falls into the category of “Screw ’em”, which proves that global warming causes prostitution.

    By the way, speaking of prostitution, if Mary Landrieu’s price is $300,000,000, what is Chuckles’s price? To turn his head, don’t you have to add another three zeroes to have him disgorge anything?

  2. wintercow20 says:

    At least the price of corruption seems to be rising, last year all it took was a toy arrow excise tax exemption … I need something to smile about.

  3. Bad Taste says:

    hmmm, Global Warming leads to prostitution which leads to more HIV cases….

    but wait! There is no limit to how much the world can heat up! And when it does this will lead to even more prostitution, and even more HIV cases! It will never end.

    I’m waiting for the next UN “scientific” report:
    “Global Warming will lead to the end of the world! By giving everyone Aids!”

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