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What did the President say about being open to serious ideas grounded in serious research? Oh, that is reserved only for climate socialism.

This paper estimates the impact of charter school attendance on student achievement using data from Boston, where charter schools enroll a growing share of students.  We also evaluate an alternative to the charter model, Boston’s pilot schools.  These schools have some of the independence of charter schools, but operate within the school district, face little risk of closure, and are covered by many of same collective bargaining provisions as traditional public schools.  Estimates using student assignment lotteries show large and significant test score gains for charter lottery winners in middle and high school.  In contrast, lottery-based estimates for pilot schools are small and mostly insignificant.

The paper is here.

One Response to “Charter Schools in Boston Seem to Be Working”

  1. Mark Lipstein says:

    what about the overwhelming evidence in New York, Minnesota (not entirely sure about this one, but i heard about it) and D.C. that they are effective?

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