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Barack O’Bush on the Christmas present we are all getting from the wonderful do-gooders in DC:

The Congressional Budget Office said the Senate bill would extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans who lack it. It also imposes new regulations to curb abuses of the insurance industry, and the president noted one last-minute addition would impose penalties on companies that “arbitrarily jack up prices” in advance of the legislation taking effect.

Let’s see. You are a business that is about to enter into a riskier world, are you not allowed to raise your prices to compensate you for that risk? I though that the nasty subprime crises was partially caused by investors not paying enough for the risks they were taking on? And now we are legislating penalties on companies trying to insulate themselves from it?

Here’s a Christmas present the trial lawyers got for themselves in the bill:

In conclusion, Sen. Reid’s bill spends 50-million taxpayer dollars on a grant program run by trial lawyers for the benefit of trial lawyers. The money will be spent to establish “alternatives to litigation” that are even more lucrative for trial lawyers and costly for doctors than the current broken system.

By the way, I wonder what the price of Senator Nelson’s “conversion” was? Should I be more upset if it was high or low? Clearly if it was low, which I have reason to believe it was. And let me ask one last rhetorical question, how much sense does it make to restructure an entire industry (poorly) to help out 10% of the population that is not currenly being served? If, for example, a few million Americans were not adequately fed, would you reform the entire food system to make sure that ALL of us will have to use food stamps and eat meals on wheels?

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