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The Sky is …?

Can you worry that the world is running out of oil and at the same time worry that oil and other fossil fuels are bad for the (external) environment? I remember filling up my tank in Massachusetts a year or so ago when gas hit $4.00 when I overheard someone arguing to the effect of, “you see, that’s why we need windpower now!” Oh, how close. She was better off saying, “you see, that’s why we may get windpower in the future.”

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  1. Harry says:

    Your file on “you can’t have it both ways” must be a big one. Fortunately for us all, memory is cheap.
    I hoped you liked the bit about spending money on roads and bridges, and then the talk about cap-and-trade, which by design is to boost the price of gas.
    Be careful not to get cabin fever up there in Rochester.

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