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What ever happened to the Chevy Volt? Remember all the fanfare a year or so ago about it? A car that was entirely electric, and GM was rolling the dice and hoping that it could sell it for something like $40,000?

It was a pleasant surprise to be watching the Olympics last week and see the commercials for Nissan’s electric car, the Leaf. It is apparently pretty close to production, and is going to be sold for roughly the same price as other family Sedans (somewhere in the $20,000 t $33,000 range). With the tax credit for buyers of the first 200,000 electric cars (a $7,500 gift from me to you), you might be able to get one for as low as $12,500. I signed up to learn more.

I wonder if CEObama will allow me to claim the $7,500 tax credit even though it will severely damage the prospects of Chevy ever selling a single Volt?

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  1. jb says:

    OK I’ll play the conspiracy card… Somebody will surely find the Leaf’s brakes or acceleration to be defective…

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