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So, while not killing the mess that is ObamaCare, Congress managed to kill a program that actually saves money and helps poor inner-city children. But Father Hesburgh ought not focus his attention on the current Administration for their failure to fund the DC Voucher program. Instead, he ought to lash out at the looters at all levels of government, and at his very own followers, for not opposing the wild expansion of the government education monopoly.

I just received a note from our children’s school principal asking us to send a note to Albany demanding that our school be compensated for the funds the state has promised us (to comply with some ridiculous regulatory requirement). I did not send it. Why fight that fight? Why beg for crumbs from the master just to keep yourself on life-support until the inevitable happens?

Rather than rallying around the moral imperative of passing ObamaCare, if Catholics truly cared about humanity, justice, and the growth of their faith, they ought to be spending every ounce of energy and every penny in its coffers to end government schooling.

Just a little reminder to the Catholics out there – one major reason for government schooling to have begun in the first place was because anti-Catholics wanted to teach the Catholic children about Protestant and true American civic values. They did not trust what was going on in the Catholic schools. You don’t believe me?

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  1. Michael says:

    You see, you prove the governments point! I bet you went to a Catholic school, and look at how much trouble you’re causing! (I went to a Lutheran school.)

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