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Here is Zhong Shan, the Vice Minister of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China:

The government protects the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in accordance with laws.

This is true – no foreign company has had assets expropriated since Mao was in office. And the US, you know, just has a wonderful record of protecting the property rights of its own citizens, much less foreign ones. Maybe you remember this?

Try this one:

China-U.S. trade and economic cooperation has generated huge and real benefits for the United States, while China has been gaining a lot from it as well

Even a communist realizes trade is good for all parties. What do the freedom loving protectors of the American people think about trade?

Dear Sen. Schumer:

Up-in-arms that the Chinese offer American consumers exceptionally good bargains, you propose legislation to pressure the Chinese to raise the prices of their exports.  And, insisting that Congress pass your bill speedily, you warn that “every day we wait is a day we lose wealth.”

Let me see if I grasp your economics.  Low prices – including low prices on many imports that American producers use as inputs in their own production – cause us to “lose wealth.”  High prices, then, must cause us to gain wealth.

Okay!  I get it!  Now I understand that competition – which reduces prices – destroys wealth.

And technology!  Man, that’s a big-time curse, given that it incessantly enables more and more outputs to be produced with fewer and fewer resources and workers and, thus, consistently pushes prices down.

No wonder we Americans are so poor and sub-Saharan Africans are so rich!  We’re burdened with vast, open, competitive markets teeming with technology-laden producers, all of which combine to reduce the prices American consumers pay and, hence, (I now see) to deplete America’s wealth.  In happy contrast, Chadians and Nigerians and other Africans are blessed with governments that severely restrict their abilities to trade, to compete, and to accumulate accursed price-lowering technologies.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sen. Schumer for working to make America more like Niger!  What would we do without your insight and courage?

2 Responses to “Chinese Communists Are Better Economists and More Libertarian than American Politicians”

  1. Consuela Bloomberg says:

    If you believe in Chinese economists you should feel free to drink their poisonous baby formula and suck on their lead laden toys manufactured by slave labor in prison camps. While you are at it, feel free to invest in their artificially undervalued Yuan as you move your family to Shanghai and enjoy their “high” standard of living. I am sure you and your family will love the pollution and total lack of freedom!

    Your diatribe (website) is devoid of facts, riddled with irrational rhetoric and is mindless blather. What are you doing to improve our political system other than whine. Grow up!

  2. Harry says:

    Thank you, Bastiatcow. Great reading for me.

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