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Thought on the iPad

The same thought applies for the iMac and the iTouch and the iPhone and the iPod. Does it not tell us anything that Apple chose to name these items the way they did, rather than the wePad, the weTouch, weMac, wePod … or the collectivePad, the collectiveTouch, the collectivePod … or better yet, the govPad, the govPod, the govMac, the govPhone? Do you think these items would be as popular with the latter names? No? Then what does this tell us?

Update: Of course, leave it to the Germans to invent the “WePad!” HT to Hans J.

3 Responses to “Thought on the iPad”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Another quick question, of the following people, who has done the most for humanity? 😉

    George W. Bush
    Steve Jobs

  2. Harry says:

    Speedmaster, I’m not a worshipper of GWB or GWHWB. They were wrong on many things, but let us debate that later — their dark liberal side.

    However, George I defeated Sadaam in the first gulf war, partially, and GWB defeated Sadaam in the second Gulf War. The history books have been written and rewritten and revised, but Sadaam Hussein was pursuing western annihilation, and had the money to make a big mess of the world.

    Whether both presidents should have traded so much to the Left will be debated hereafter, but I do not doubt we are better for their decision to oppose tyranny, especially when it threatens us.

    Imagine what would have been done if Al Gore were president. (I mean about foreign policy, not his other loopy ideas.)

    Hans Blix and Kohfi Annan would have had a hundred more lunches in Cyprus. Sadaam Hussein would have had more time to collect money from the west to buy centrifuges to refine the yellowcake he may have bought from Africa or elsewhere.

    I think George Bush gets a gold star for his pursuing a successful campaign in Iraq, and I think humanity MAY be much better for it, assuming we do not chuck that country by the wayside.

    In the last election, I told my daughter I hoped we would not get World War III or socialism, in that order.

    Your question is tough, Speedmaster, because it makes me think about who has effectively done the most for humanity, and then I wonder about whether any man riding on a white horse can, or should, do it.

    We need the man on the horse to defend us, with whatever might he has, but only to preserve our freedom. I get scared when the man on the horse dismounts and goes into a room with computer screens and starts to move the dials to adjust prices.

    That said, Speedmaster, you should know I love my IPhone, and I’m glad that Steve Jobs is sort of free, given that the government is his unchosen partner, not having contributed a dime in equity for taking 38% of his company’s profits and over 50% of the dividends his company pays him. Steve is a creator, but he’s a wuss.

    Wintercow’s observation is refreshingly original. One wonders when the Word Police, a subcommittee of Henry Waxman’s, will inquire and then demand that the IPad should be renamed the He/shePad., Imagine the next inquiry into Procter & Gamble’s merchandising. It’s all interstate commerce, right?

    Best wishes to Speedmaster and Wintercow.

  3. Speedmaster says:

    Harry, I always love your comments. 😉

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