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Which candidate, McCain or Obama, received more campaign money from Pfizer, Exxon and Goldman Sachs? Well, you know the answer. That doesn’t mean one is “better” or “worse” than the other. The point is intended to shake folks from this absurd notion that somehow the political left is not the entrenched corporatist entity that the right has well established itself as being.

2 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell – Corporatism Edition”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    A.W.K.W.A.R.D. 😉

    Then there’s this, not to defend Bush, but rather to get some perspective.

  2. Harry says:

    Speedmaster, if Obama would just protect us, we’d be better served by his playing golf three days a week, fishing three days a week, and before he rests making sure the people he charged with protecting us did their job. A dream: Obama fishing six days a week with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, and Chris Dodd. That would just cost two, maybe three boats, with a guide to bait their hooks, help them bring in the fish, and cook.

    My compliments to Wintercow for so much left to reflect on in the other subjects he raises below.

    Gordon Crovitz wrote a great column Monday about the drivel that is posted on internet comment boards. I’m happy that you have been able to keep yours free of trash. I revisit this page because it enriches my mind.

    Best wishes to Speedmaster, your other regulars, and your family

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