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… then why do governments nonetheless enact many policies that monied interests are strongly opposed to? Doesn’t big business abhor taxes? Then why is the corporate tax structure in the US perhaps worse than in any industrialized nation? Don’t monied interests want a race to the bottom in environmental and food safety and drug safety standards (or so it is claimed)? Then why do we even have the standards at all?

The world is a wee-bit more complex than arguing, “big businesses” and money run it all …

One Response to “If Money in Politics Was So Influential …”

  1. Harry says:

    My guess is that they who have no money want us to treat them as children.

    Our rulers have different motivations, but it is convenient to treat us as their children.

    The big thing in life is to grow up.

    I am sick after listening to an ignorant person telling me how to live my life. In this time of crisis, do we need someone telling us to follow congressmen Markey and Waxman?

    In Monty Python’s words, I fart in their general direction.

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