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Coming on top of the Messiah putting a National Socialist in an unelected position in charge of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid we learn this from Arnold Kling:

If my state, Maryland, needs a bailout, it is because it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the teacher’s union. As the Washington Post editorializes,

a new law took effect in Maryland that undercuts local control in collective bargaining by giving a significant new advantage to teachers unions, one they had been seeking for decades.

…it creates a Public School Labor Relations Board, which will consist of two members nominated by unions, two members recommended by school boards and superintendents and a fifth to be independent but with experience in labor relations. ..

This new board’s decisions on wages, benefits and even what matters can be collectively bargained will be binding. That is a power that the state education board never had in resolving disputes. Local school boards and counties, which opposed the bill, are right to worry that binding awards could force counties to accept contracts they can’t afford.

So, just at the point where voters are starting to wake up to the need to curb teacher compensation, we are going to have a state-level unelected board that can overrule the decisions of elected officials on teacher pay.

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  1. Speedmaster says:

    Wow, this stuff just keeps getting worse.

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