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The Justice Department threatened several universities with legal action because they took part in an experimental program to allow students to use the Amazon Kindle for textbooks …

The Civil Rights Division informed the schools they were under investigation. In subsequent talks, the Justice Department demanded the universities stop distributing the Kindle; if blind students couldn’t use the device, then nobody could. The Federation made the same demand in a separate lawsuit against Arizona State.

Intellectuals dismissed Hayek’s slippery slope arguments against the state out of hand – arguing that modern and civilized places like the US and UK could never degenerate into the tyranny he predicted (correctly) in the Road to Serfdom.  And every time I lecture on regulation I get a wave of e-mails and complaints arguing that I exaggerate, am hysterical and have an axe to grind. How hard are people trying to vindicate me and the many others who understand the creeping control over our lives by the state.

You realize that on the grounds claimed above, any new object or service could be banned. This is tyranny of the highest order, yet the masses still have faith in government? Are you kidding me? What purpose does this serve? What interest would the DoJ possibly be advancing with these threats?

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  1. Harry says:

    The DOJ — you mean Minitrue?

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