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If we develop better methods of identification like biometrics and the like, will we see the end of last names over time? Having last names is apparently something from relatively recent history.

One Response to “The End of Last Names?”

  1. Harry says:

    You get a username and a password, enough to satisfy pay pal.

    You do not get a real name, though. It’s Mike followed by a number. Mike, number six.

    This was before your time, number six, but there used to be a TV show called The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan. I may have read into the show more than what was intended, but we free spirits liked it. Patrick Mcgoohan, who every episode peeked into his Potemkin village, was number six.

    Bono is good, Cher is better, and Charo is best. Will Wintercow be the next name to be used lewdly or admirably? ( Cher says to Bono, yeah, I saw Wintercow in the Amherst club in New York, but he is still obsessed with those classical writers on political economy.”

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