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Population Problem

  1. Alvin Hansen (Harvard economist) writing in the American Economic Review in 1939: reduced population growth in the 1930s (half of 1920s rates) was a large reason for the Great Depression.
  2. Modern Population alarmists such as Paul Ehrlich argue that continued population growth will descend the planet into Depression.

Question: what level or growth rate of the population is “just right?” By the way, Hansen is half-right. Population growth did fall sharply in the Great Depression. But as Benjamin Anderson points out, this was likely due to the Great Depression.

3 Responses to “Population Problem”

  1. George says:

    Is a discussion of Garrett Hardin not appropriate here?

  2. Harry says:

    If I were to live five hundred years, and assuming I had all my faculties, I do not think I could answer that question even if I devoted every waking hour to it.

  3. Rod says:

    Paul Ehrlich was wrong about population growth, but his disciples, now the climate changers, continue onward with the same theme: that mankind itself is a blight on the planet, and that mankind must do everything, no matter what the cost, to keep the Earth in its pristine state, which is probably the year Paul Ehrlich was a freshman in college and got drunk and laid in the same night.

    The only way one can mitigate the effects of Man is to institute a totalitarian government that tells you how many potato chips you may eat and tells you when you are using more than your share of the Earth’s precious resources. One child only.

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