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And then they came for the … incense and perfume! You cannot make this up”

Yesterday I pointed to Portland’s pending ban on perfumes and colognes in city buildings, and noted that this is how bans on smoking in all public places began.

Your turn, Nevada:

Critics say a Nevada bill banning air fresheners and candles in public places would lead to stinky rooms and prohibit priests from using candles in Mass.

Las Vegas Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley on Monday presented AB234, which sets restrictions on pesticides, fragrances and candles to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities. Proponents said air fresheners give them migraines or asthma attacks and prevent them from going to the movies or to restaurants. A cocktail waitress at a casino said inhaling the fragrances piped through the ventilation system felt like a concrete slab on her chest.

Critics counter AB234 would affect everything from candlelit restaurants and weddings — not to mention unmasked odors in public bathrooms that would drive away tourists.

Who’d have thought that Malawi would be a public policy trend setter?

Here is the last episode in the series. HT to Radley Balko.

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