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Social Justice High School. HT to my terrific AHI-West students. Great stuff, by the 12th grade here is what their students will be able to do:

“Identify roles of power (oppressor/victim)”

“Understand mechanisms of power

  • name source of power in situations
  • name victims in situations”

“Deconstructing rhetorical devices with multiple genres (tv, ads, print, etc)”

“Scan long passages effectively

Use a variety of reading strategies for graphs, charts, and word problems”

“Continuously work on improving “language of power” vocabulary”

They actually do have some quite useful goals, despite what I say above.  For example they set as a goal that students understand the role of credit and the importance of savings. Can they enroll Congress in that part of the curriculum?

One Response to “This Week’s Sign of the Economic Apocalypse”

  1. Michael says:

    Does the role of oppressor or victim depend on who wins?

    On a side note, I just watch a bit of a movie called “Eating Alaska.” It’s about a vegetarian starting to hunt and eat locally, trying to figure out sustainability. I couldn’t watch much of it because it never address the econ perspective (such as how property rights ensure we don’t run out of animals). It may have eventually gotten to it, but I doubt it. I kept wanting to lecture the movie about how eating local can be worse for the environment.

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