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In California, during the Administration of Pat Brown, the state spent 20% of its budget on infrastructure, and was known, rightly, for having an incredible road and transportation system. Today, it only spends 3% of its budget on infrastructure.

2 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell: Public Goods Edition”

  1. Harry says:

    I guess that’s good, assuming twenty percent was the right number of the total.

    As our government spends trillions, it reminds me of a family, hypothetically, that has managed to spend on lavish vacations, Yale educations, the big house on the south shore in Greenwich, and pleads that it cannot possibly cut a dime from their food budget. How will they pay their Honduran maid?

    I have no animus toward any free person living in Greenwich, but his problems are his, not mine. Let him default on his mortgage, or pay it.

    However, we have reached such a scale of government that millions or even a thousand million has lost any meaning for serious discussion.

    We are nostalgic for Pat Brown because he just spent twenty percent on infrastructure. I clearly remember that California bonds were Aaa/AAA rated. His poor son, in his second career for governor, has a big mess that has been created from willful indulgence.

  2. Harry says:

    Since Wintercow has been recklessly free-riding on the public goods, when is he going to post pictures? He evidently went south through Utah. Will he release these pictures before he travels north to camp in Yellowstone?

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