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And then her mom is hit with a $535 fine and a threat of a one-year prison sentence for doing the good deed. And the USFWS claims it was a “clerical error.”  Sure, a clerical error – strange that the friendly USFWS happened to show up at her doorstep to deliver the notice … along with a state trooper.

Nothing to see here of course, keep convincing yourselves that spending $4.3 trillion per year for the next decade is some sort of a sacrifice. And keep ignoring what is going on on the ground.

Hey, look everyone, I just promised myself that I would reduce my planned spending over the next decade by 5%. I also plan to have my spending increase by 70% per year over the last decade!

Back to the woodpeckers … if the government is doing this to little 11 year old white girls, just think of what is happening to innocent young black men. Oops – just got uninvited from another dinner party.

One Response to “11-Year Old Girl Saves Baby Woodpecker”

  1. Rod says:

    It’s a good thing the FWS did not order the family’s land to be taken under right of eminent domain. That woodpecker is evidence that the Capo family lives in an environmentally sensitive Highland Forest, which the EPA might some day take “in the name of the People’s Republic of Schumer.”

    Next on the 11:00 news: the FWS arrests an entire Boy Scout troop for possessing feathers of federally-protected birds.

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