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The current unemployment rate in Spain is … 21%. In Norway? 3.4%

One Response to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell: Unemployment Edition”

  1. Harry says:

    I have never been to Norway, but if I had to guess why they have a low unemployment rate, it would be a) they have a Protestant work ethic, b) their economy has exploited its considerable energy resources, and c) they do not have a high minimum wage or 100-month unemployment benefits.

    Spain is a different story. Spaniards have been sore ever since the defeat of the Armada. The whole country shuts down from one to three, and everyone spends an additional hour on both ends shutting down and getting started. They are still waiting for the Conquistadors to return with Galleons of treasure.

    OK, I am too harsh. And I do not mean to insult the world’s Catholics. However, it does not surprise me that they do not have a vibrant economy. I bet the unemployment benefits are generous.

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