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John Snow is one of the most underappreciated men in recent history. He was the physician who seemed to be the first to understand that microscopic bacteria were the cause of some of the worst diseases known to men.  What is most startling, since we see this sort of thing playing out today in some respects, is just how off-the-wall he was deemed to be for holding these views.

In England, the medical journal The Lancet offered commentary that Snow must have been  a corporate lackey – a person who conspired with big business to make sure the air remained filled with “pestilent vapors, miasms and loathsome abominations of every kind.” They accused him and these corporations of making themselves rich by poisoning their neighbors.

The prevailing view was something like, “foul smelling air” is the reason people get sick, not some bugs that people cannot see. Of course Snow was no corporate lackey. But I am! I make millions of dollars per year shilling for the Koch brothers, Exxon, and a few other horrible corporations. Millions I tell you, millions. Just don’t tell that to my wife.

3 Responses to “John Snow, Corporate Lackey”

  1. RIT_Rich says:

    Share the wealth, man!

  2. Michael says:

    I think it was an evil plot by Bush and Cheney to eliminate certain ethnicities. Who ever heard of germs before this guy showed up? What else can explain Tony Snow being a spokesman for Bush? I bet Cheney used to sit on the board of a soap and hot water company. It’s a conspiracy!

  3. Rod says:

    And what about those famous Snow brothers, Ivory and Ebony? They were a warm-up act for Dean Martin at The Sands.

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