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I am positive the Take Over Wall Street People have large signs about that, right? Here is Coyote, pay attention to his last sentence:

I simply cannot believe that the President of the US just ordered an American citizen killed, without trial or due process, and the country just yawns.  And in some cases, cheered.  Are we really going to make the Fifth Amendment, along with the Fourth, the Ninth, and the Tenth, another “just kidding” passage?  Its amazing that the same kids that marched  against Nixon’s abuse of power have decided this is perfectly OK.

I suppose I expect Republicans to pile on for this kind of security-state garbage, but an awful lot of Democrats are sitting on their hands as well, just because it was their guy in the Oval office pulling the trigger.  Kudos to a few souls on the left like Glenn Greenwald and Kevin Drum who, however subdued in comparison to their reaction had it been Bush, called out their party’s leader for this bit of horror.  Greenwald makes the point to fellow Lefties – how would you feel if Rick Perry or Michelle Bachman had this power?

This latter is a good test I ask folks all the time.  Those who advocate for statist powers generally imagine folks like themselves wielding these powers.  But how realistic is that in a Democracy where power shifts every 8-10 years or so?  I ask folks all the time to picture their worst political enemy, and then imagine that person with the power they advocate.

2 Responses to “Obama Orders Assassination of American Citizen”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Indeed. This is a disturbing precedent.

    So, w/ Anwar al-Awlaki gone, who’s next on the list? Who else is “drone worthy?”

    Here’s my post on this from a couple days ago, the video is a must-watch: http://www.pretenseofknowledge.com/?p=9456

  2. Michael says:

    Sorry to say this, but this is nothing new. Think Bonnie and Clyde, or any of the rebellions against the United States. When someone declares war on the United States, the government has every right to use deadly force. Think of it this way, if someone credibly intends to do you and your family harm, you are justified to defend yourself, even with deadly force. What the government has done is no different.

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