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Via my good friend, John B:

The Democratic nanny-state vision even holds that parents can’t be trusted with their kids’ breakfast. In an effort funded by Mr. Obama’s stimulus, “voluntary” guidelines will go into force by 2014 to prohibit the use of animated characters like Tony the Tiger to market breakfast cereals. Advertising restrictions will target even peanut butter and jelly.”

Only in Progressive-world does voluntary require a revolver. Here is the last episode in the series.

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  1. Rod says:

    One of my son’s nursery school and elementary school classmates had a mother who carefully loaded his lunch bag with wheat germ, tofu and other girly-man foods, so the kid made it his first job in the morning to sell his lunch to the vegan girls and buy ice cream sandwiches, which became his lunchtime diet until graduation.

    After college, he got a good job with Salomon Brothers as a bond trader! Shows what making a market in tofu can get you.

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