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Nothing to see here, moving on …

“The Republican plan says that what’s been standing in the way between us and full employment are laws that keep companies from polluting as much as they want,” Obama said in a speech at the regional airport in Asheville, N.C., on Monday. “On the other hand, our plan [Obama’s plan] puts teachers, construction workers, firefighters and police officers back on the job.”

“My plan says we’re going to put teachers back in the classroom, construction workers back to work rebuilding America, rebuilding our schools, tax cuts for small businesses, tax cuts for hiring veterans, tax cuts if you give your worker a raise,” said Obama. “That’s my plan. Then you’ve got their plan, which is, let’s have dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance. So far at least, I feel better about my plan.”

Yes Mr. President. That’s “their” plan, which is presumably “my” plan too, since I tend to oppose a vast portion of the regulatory apparatus that has been erected. Yes, and when I teach my students, since I do not do it according to orthodoxy, then I suppose I want them to be dumber, less informed people. Give me a break.

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