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You cannot order Dunkin’ Donuts coffee online in California.

It all goes back to the 2002 discovery by Swedish scientists that acrylamide, a chemical that in large doses has been shown to cause cancer in mice and neurological damage to humans, is present in coffee – – as well as in many other products, including baked goods and French fries, explained Joseph DeRupo, a spokesperson for the association.

“Acrylamide occurs naturally in the roasting of coffee,” DeRupo explained to the E-Commerce Times. “It’s in all coffee. It’s nothing that’s added — it’s completely naturally occurring. It’s been in foods since people started cooking with fire.”

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  1. Harry says:

    According to the Journal, California is about to implement a cap-and-trade law that will raise the cost of living on all of their citizens, throw a horde out of work, cause industry and people to flee the state, further undermining state finances, which once were AAA and now are in a special category S+P has: Ddcc2. Just kidding about that last one.

    Should we be surprised when these clowns regulate coffee?

    In 1975 I wondered whether the UK was going down the drain under Harold Wilson; California has been inventive in following a similar path, although Wintercow should be quick to remind me that California, like the “rich” is not an entity.

    By the way, WC mentioned Harrisburg a few posts ago. They may be going bankrupt (did not check today), but one person has suggested that Harrisburg build a Museum of Stupid Government Ideas, the city’s $300 million trash program being the first exhibit.

    I believe they will accept other exhibits from other states, including California.

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