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Sounds of Silence

I wished we’d see more of this, not just for an academic journal, but in the major press and blogosphere.

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  1. Harry says:

    Yes, wintercow.

    Sometimes I think I comment too often on your blog, often seconding the motion, and often because you offer a free seminar where if I were a student I would have to pay all that tuition and have to finance a pied-a-terre near the U of R. Even with this, it consumes your time.

    I do wish, however that famous economists would respond to serious questions from at least two on the faculty at the U of R, in public on the blog of a fellow economist. They might even deign to write for the benefit of your students, and others, like me. What’s in it for them? They might sell more books and get better gigs. (Hint: O’Reilly has a bigger audience than, what’s the guy’s name on MSNBC, and O’Reilly likes people who bash Big Oil.

    Where is the guy who thinks wintercow is a monster? Does he believe in the hockey stick, or the Butterfly Effect, or that the Multiplier is 1.62? I would like to hear from him.
    Have a nice night, wintercow.

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