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Now the kids are Occupying Wall Street! Is that child labor? Here’s my favorite part:

“I’m for the arts,” Moogan told HuffPost. “I’m a singer and I’m an actress. In my school, we’ve been hit by the economy. Our parents have to pay out of their own pockets for dance, music and theater. That’s not right.

I’ll give the youngster a break and not comment – but just think for a moment about this mindset that is being taught to children. And this takes the cake, remind yourself that we are talking about government funded and government controlled schools:

“The economy has hit us,” he continued. “I want more freedom in my school.”

3 Responses to “This Week’s Sign of the Economic Apocalypse”

  1. Harry says:

    Wintercow comes up with some great stuff. Why comb the Huffington Post for “new” material?

    Rizzo is right to give the kid a break. I would guess his parents and others have encouraged his acting ambitions, and maybe he will make it some day.

    Maybe Richard Gere will be a Senator from Connecticut, too, after making it in show business. I hope his chances are slimmer than the kid’s.

  2. Harry says:

    My apologies for any confusion over Moogan’s gender; if she is an actress, that is OK, and if wintercow made an error from the quotation, or even if the Huffington Post got it confused, it matters not. If Moogan can sing, dance, and act very, very well, I hope he/she makes it to Broadway. Not on my dime, of course.

  3. I do X -> I want my child to learn X -> Everyone else should bear the cost for my child to learn X.

    It makes me feel sad that someone could argue this way with conviction.

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