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(1) You know how “hair of the dog” strategies help with a hangover? How come the same isn’t true of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie!

(2) I am seriously disturbed by Black Friday, and yes I am one of the world’s most ardent proponents of free-market capitalism. Have a nice day.

One Response to “Two Additional Black Friday Thoughts”

  1. Andrew says:

    I met a friend today for lunch, but afterward he needed to pick up some things at the mall. As we went through Best Buy and FYE I told him about the time in class you said that some economists think Christmas is inefficient because people have to guess what other people will like and economic preferences are not being exercised to the fullest extent. I wish this line of reasoning were repeated in public more often, because I think many people don’t enjoy buying things that their friends and family may or may not want.
    After this conversation I then bought myself a DVD of Jeff Beck live in concert, and it’s very good, but I have to ask myself if someone else were given that same $10 to spend on me, would they have done as well? Maybe so, but I wouldn’t want to risk anything more than $10 to find out.

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