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A former student sends me the link to this amazing video. Julian Simon (as close to an intellectual hero as I have) called people the Ultimate Resource. Here is an example of why.

Keep this in mind when you hear people worrying about 1.4 billion Chinese getting richer than us, or trying to convince you that the world of today is no better than it was 10 years ago or 30 years ago. The amazing part of this story is that there are thousands more like it, almost all unseen to you. A good question is to ask just what makes it possible for things like the “Skin Gun” to be created.

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  1. Harry says:

    That is big. I can think of at least five doctors to whom I will forward that piece, and simultaneously get them hooked up with theunbrokenwindow.

  2. Rod says:

    Last January, I broke my leg in a skiing accident, and after the plaster cast was taken off my leg, I had an aircast on my ankle that literally rubbed the stitches out of the incision over the break in my fibula and over the titanium plate that had been screwed into my fibula. Because the flesh over my ankle was relatively fhin, I needed plastic surgery to close the wound. I needed a “flap” of flesh to fill the space over the plate — simply grafting skin onto my ankle would not do the job, as it would not fill the space where the flesh in my incision was too big to just sew up and close.

    Lucky for me, one of the best surgeons in the world for reconstructive surgery and “perforated flaps” practices medicine in the Allentown area, Dr. Geoffrey Hallock. My operation took seven hours, but some of his operations take up to 23 hours. He took a piece of flesh from my calf muscle and created a tunnel adjacent to the wound for the blood vessels and nerves that he connected to my flap. I spent five days in the ICU so they could monitor the blood flow through the flap. Also lucky for me, the operation was a complete success, and I still have a foot attached to my lower leg! I am getting my skis tuned up this week.

    I am going to forward this clip to Dr. Hallock, as skin damage and its repair are his forte. If skin can be sprayed with a gun and grow quickly and safely, I’m sure Dr. Hallock will want to add that technology to heal people who have had more serious wounds than I had.

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