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Via Greg Mankiw, this video is spot on:

Disclaimer: I went to Cornell. No difference. OK, little difference.

4 Responses to “Can I Have Some More Figgy Pudding?”

  1. Harry says:

    The video did not play on my phone, WC.

  2. I went to Washtenaw Community College and Eastern Michigan University. I appreciate the humor. We were more hands-on and headline-oriented, one of the many reasons why I chose midrange, midwest public schools. That said, I am not sure that Supply and Demand are taught correctly there or anywhere.
    My question posted here.

  3. Michael says:

    One of the most disappointing classes I took was a money and banking course. The Lehman Bros. run happened early in that course, and we hardly discussed it. We seemed to be stuck on a never-ending lecture on the overlapping generations model.

  4. What would going to Graduate school at George Mason be like?

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