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OK, I cannot give it yet to Romney until he gets the nomination, but how about this bozo (Markey, not Giberson)?

The USDOE’s response apparently didn’t mitigate Markey’s concern; today the Congressman introduced two bills intended to impede the export of natural gas. (See here and here.) One bill would prevent the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from approving any new LNG export terminals until 2025. Another bill would require natural gas produced from federal lands be sold only to American consumers. (Shall we require hotels on federal lands to only rent to American consumers as well? Those foreign tourists visiting the Grand Canyon are just driving up the cost for American tourists, right Congressman?)

So, by my reckoning developing industry in the US in order to export some of the output abroad is bad. But at the same time not developing industries because imported goods from other countries are cheaper is bad. So imports bad. Exports bad. It’s all bad. Can I just once in a while make clear what is not always made clear on this blog? No damn politician in Massachusetts or anywhere has any economic justification and certainly no moral justification for not allowing entrepreneurs sell their products abroad. And this includes to whatever people said politician may not like. I am wondering what sort of trophy we should have made up for the award? Our student group is seriously going to design it and award it.

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  1. Harry says:

    One thing I do not understand is why higher heating bills appeal to folks in cold Massachuttes. Must be a Unitarian thing, penance stuff.

    Watch your cracks against Romney. He is not my horse, but he is better than any European socialist, living or dead.

    When I traveled, I would often watch C-Span, where I caught a younger Rick Santorum espousing supply-side principles from his heart. He gets it.

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