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Tim Geithner pulls the same rabbit out of the regulatory hat today in the WSJ:

Remember the crisis when you hear complaints about financial reform—complaints about limits on risk-taking or requirements for transparency and disclosure. Remember the crisis when you read about the hundreds of millions of dollars now being spent on lobbyists trying to weaken or repeal financial reform. Remember the crisis when you recall the dozens of editorials and columns against reform published on the opinion pages of this newspaper over the past three years.

We cannot afford to forget the lessons of the crisis and the damage it caused to millions of Americans. Amnesia is what causes financial crises. These reforms are worth fighting to preserve.

Timmy is perilously close to winning the Straw Man of the Year award, and will now enter the pool of candidates for the 2012 Economic Darwin Award.

4 Responses to “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Tim Geithner is first and foremost a political creature, never mistake him for anything but.

  2. Harry says:

    The most offensive part of Geithner’s accusing his critics of amnesia, as if economic history started when he was born. He seems unconcerned about the trillions! of dollars that have been created during his stewardship of the Treasury. This is a big question, one that has to be on the mind of many, namely the debasing of our already debased fiat currency. He talks as if he is unconcerned, Quantative Easing being a subject that peons like us should just shut up about. Some explanation of the magic he might use could have been added to his empty essay.

  3. Harry says:

    We have seen this movie before, only William Miller was Jimmy Carter’s enabler. Tim Geithner, by avoiding the subject, hopes everyone will think inflation is not a problem. Blame it on the Iranians.

    The money spigot is wide open, everyone crossing their fingers until the first Tuesday in November, hoping all hell wil break loose after the polls close.

  4. Harry says:

    This is big-time screwing around with my rice bowl, Timmy’s clammy fingers reaching in to eat. If you decide to screw with big things like the economy as a Master of the universe, you have to look into your own conscience, and understand your limitations.

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