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I think some people are coming for your head (or your other appendages)

people on Facebook are talking of printing fliers? just thought i would lets that fly out there.

In other news (for which I am sure they’ll come after me for):

GreenSpace works in conjunction with University Facilities and Services to meet their mission for a more sustainable living space. Upon the group’s request, Facilities installed a water bottle refill-station right in the resident hall, to make reducing plastic bottle usage easier. The group also received permission to install shower timers that are set at five minutes in effort to conserve water usage.

So, in order to make life easier, the sustainability group advocates investing in some capital and using resources more effectively than they were previously. I like the way they think! But wouldn’t it be “greener” to just use the sinks? More important of course, why does a group of people who are dedicated to sustainability need a shower that shuts off after 5 minutes? Two questions: are we sure that this will actually save water? Second, wouldn’t making each of them pay for the water they use be a better way to do this? Oh, wait a minute, economists get in hot water for trying to think openly about when people should pay for things themselves.

And in the, “you can’t make this up” category:

Plans are in the works to host “Do it in the Dark”, an event co-sponsored by University Health Services. This unique event is dedicated to educating students not only on practicing safe sex, but also to do so in a sustainable manner. The event will feature green sex products and information on saving energy whilst having sex (i.e. turning off lights).

What kind of posters would they make up if I decided to comment on this?

8 Responses to “It Appears “They” are Coming After Me”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    We could make a drinking game out of this, keywords:
    sustainable (again)

  2. mark says:

    you would die of alcohol poisoning

  3. Harry says:

    Cold Showers, Warm Beer, Save the Planet.

    BTW, I cannot take credit for coining the expression. The part about the showers evoked it.

    Not that I am against conserving energy. I bought 240 gallons of heating oil today, paying enough to buy a drivable used car.

  4. Rod says:

    Poster in the student commons:

    Now at the Student Health Center: free condoms in five lively colors — Midnight Blue, Pepperoni Red, Banana Yellow, Kielbasa Brown and Used and Recycled Green.

  5. RIT_Rich says:

    You really can’t make this stuff up!

  6. chuck martel says:

    What’s the difference between a “water bottle refill station” and a faucet & sink?

  7. Rod says:

    Chuck, the same difference as “I am beginnng to get dehydrated” and “I’m thirsty.” 😉

  8. Samuel says:

    From now on, I would like to establish three levels of “green” sex:
    1) Silver level – when lights in the room are dimmed.
    2) Gold level – when lights are dimmed, and thermostat is lowered (because there will be heat production in the room).
    3) Platinum level – lights are dimmed, thermostat is lowered, and door to the hallway is open to warm up the rest of the house by the heat produced in the room.

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