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The average time to degree at Western Governors University is 2.5 years. By the way, when students wish to complete a degree early at my dear college, the college charges them for virtually the entire year’s worth of tuition to do so. Talk about collegiality! Of course, it IS very costly to attract and retain students, but then again, there are long lines of kids just dying to get into UR. I think we had something like 14,000 applications for 1,000+ undergraduate slots this year.

3 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell: Productivity in Education Edition”

  1. chuck martel says:

    That’s really what the college tuition “crisis” is all about. Each year the University of Minnesota gets over 36,000 freshman applications for 5200 openings. As long as this ratio continues to exist, bleating about high tuition doesn’t mean a thing, the UofM will be able to charge whatever it wants.

  2. Rod says:

    As any parent of a college student knows, there is a big difference between the sticker price (the price used to stick it to the rich SOB’s and those who have actually saved for their children’s college tuition) and the negotiated price for college tuition, room and board, books, beer, etc. Admissions officers are quick to tell you that financial aid is yours if you can show you need it. The best way to get the most is to put aside nothing at all for tuition, because the college will require it to be spent on them before you get a nickel of aid. Same goes if you own your home or are not mortgaged to the hilt. You have to borrow to that hilt before you’ll get a nickel (the same nickel) from the college. With so many people banging on the door of colleges and universities, one has to assume that many of them qualify for financial aid, which is paid for through a little socialist scheme within all those colleges and universities. From each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs. Karl would be proud.

  3. Harry says:

    Whoever decreed that a bachelor’s degree should take four years, come to think about it? Do we have to suffer privileged gentlemen to get a four-year degree so they have time for parties on the weekend, and the summer off to party elsewhere?

    Wintercow’s comment about productivity applied to education tells us of the dirty situation we are in. WGU, an institution that seeks to teach the willing, some of whom want to learn, is an example to be imitated.

    By the way, any elite college that tries to nickle and dime someone who is smart enough to get a degree in less than four years is, well, profiteering worse than J.D. Rockefeller. Profiteering is a cardinal sin in the academy, where you can have it both ways.

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