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Hello everyone!

I'm The Unbroken Window's new contributor, Alex Armlovich. This is the first regular post of what I hope becomes a series of productive exchanges and an entertaining dialectic with Dr. Rizzo. I'm a fresh graduate of the University of Rochester and deeply interested economics, public policy, and philosophy among other things. I bring the perspective of a liberal libertarian: my guest post about a year ago gave a good outline of my view on politics. I do believe that state institutions consistent with the rule of law in a healthy, high-transparency political culture can promote human flourishing–but to the extent a political culture is less than ideal, there is reason to be skeptical of intervention. First, do no harm. Only then learn from Sweden. The contingency of policy success upon sound cultural foundations and social trust is frightfully underrated. A properly-executed intervention can improve well-being, but in a political culture further down the scale of opacity and corruption, interventions too often wind up full of rent-seeking distortions and do serious harm on net.

I look forward to joining the conversation, to building a healthier political culture in our corner of the internet, and to seeking iterative progress towards a world where individuals and communities are both freer from coercion and freer to cooperatively flourish. 

8 Responses to “Introductions”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Looking forward to your posts.

  2. wintercow20 says:

    Nominations for a nom be plume? Or maybe that is the topic of a good post? Why the heck DO I have a screen name? I am sure psycho-analysis will reveal that it says something bad about me.

    For all interested, his name is Alex Armlovich and he's 10 times smarter than me. I'll introduce you to him as he gets into the swing of posting. Good stories keep things a little mysterious, and so too shall Alex remain. All I will say is that if the world were populated with a few more of the likes of Alex … ______ you fill in the blank as we go along!

  3. Michael says:

    I would think that one of the best things you'd get by posting here is that it will give you a way to toss around some ideas and practice at writing in ways that people can actually understand.  Probably the best excersize for an economist is to write.  The best part for me is knowing wintercow is working on keeping the site active and interesting!  Look forward to other posts, I enjoyed your other one. 

  4. Michael says:

    Potentials: Summercow, Wintercow's Revenge, Winterhorse, and Mini-Moo.  Well, maybe not. 

  5. Harry says:

    Alex, I cannot tell you how happy I am that the Energizer Wintercow has found a worthy person to run theunbrokenwindow, to relieve him from the daily chore of keeping his blog alive for his loyal followers. Please get my email from wintercow, and send me yours for more personal comments,
    You have big shoes to fill, as you well know. Every day, you need to come up with an original angle to get our minds rolling.
    We assume Wintercow will read every post, but we do not want to deter him from greater pursuits, including writing books that sell a million copies each, or preparing for classes, doing scheduled office hours, playing some golf, climbing mountains, et cetera.
    One thing. I deliberately did not use this stupid editor from WordPress to italicize et cetera. This stupid editor cuts out everybody in the world who owns an iPhone3 from making comments on their phone. Also, I think somewhere along the line I was classified as spam. This is a task for your IT friends at the U of R, and I would much appreciate a fix. I would abolish the editor for starters. This is not my problem soon because I will get a new phone, but the system would not let me make a comment from my daughter's IPad3 if I type in my user name and password. I can make a comment on my wndows computer. But when I use the iPad, it shuts me out if I log on. If I make the comment, and then log on, it goes through.  If they need passwords to test this, I will be happy to oblige. I think WordPress is the problem, and it it is in your interest to allow ordinary folks to make comments about Wintercow's and your insights, not to mention Speedmaster's.
    I would prefer the old system, where the HTML experts can add their curlicues, and the rest of us would have to suffice with our words.
    Best wishes to you, Alex!
    Best wishes.

  6. Student says:

    Welcome. Looking forward to your posts.

  7. aarmlovi says:

    Thanks all! I hope to live up to your expectations. My first post this morning is a bit bracing, a bit cynical…but politics has always been cynical and I eagerly await Wintercow's retort 🙂
    Harry, I'll look at a replacement editor. Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. sherlock says:

    I kind of like Spring Lov. For one maybe Alex is young and perhaps a bit more optimisstic than winter crow. And two, how can you deny the legendary Stevie B.?


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