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Blast from the Past

I couldn't help but insert the pun. I am researching a little bit about popular environmental rhetoric and came across these doozies from the esteemed Robert Kennedy Jr.:


By now Kennedy was fully warmed up. He asserted, without any evidence, that “the quality of life has diminished measurably in America. But people don’t know about it because the dots have not been connected for them.” Kennedy did not attempt to define “quality of life” in any useful way, but apparently he could not imagine that a majority of Americans are actually happy.”


““White house people (of course, only under R administrations) will lie and they will lie and they will lie and then they will tell half-truths. On the issue of air pollution especially they have not uttered an honest word.”


 “I am more frightened of these corporate integrators that are destroying your lives than I am of Osama Bin Laden.”


“Kennedy’s idea of humor, which actually worked for this particular crowd, was to compare alleged corporate polluters with suicide bombers. He whined that polluters “aren’t even making a self-sacrifice like suicide bombers are; they’re just doing it for the money.” This elicited a lot of cheering.”


“Kennedy then went on to state, with only tenuous relevance to the question, “I don’t think I’m a radical; I think I’m as mainstream as it gets; I’m probably more to the right than many people in this room.”


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