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Woot Woot

I’m allowed to brag about my students. One of my terrific economics students and AHI-Rochester fellow Dan Wang just published his first piece. He is currently an intern for Radley Balko (someone we should spend more time talking about here at the UnbrokenWindow). In any case, please do read Dan’s story of Eminent Domain abuse in New Jersey. You should all remember that Dan merely had to report this, he may not editorialize. However, we encourage lots of editorializing here.

Keep these stories in mind when we are being told that the role of government is to protect the poor and under-represented. Pitiful.

2 Responses to “Woot Woot”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    That’s fantastic, congrats, Dan! Considering all of the stuff we read each day it’s very easy to have a negative outlook for the future of liberty and sound economics. Very refreshing to see intelligent young people who are enthusiastic and get it. And another fan of Balko here. 😉

  2. Michael says:

    Pretty good article! I remember doing some things at AIER when wintercow was there on property rights in Missouri. I have since concluded that there are no property rights; you can manage your land as long as it isn’t inconvienent to the government (even though the laws are supposed to be fairly strong here). I’m sure this is true for many other states now, too.

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