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And then they came for … the baby formula.

But the plan will see 27 of New York City’s hospitals implementing its policies on Labor Day, which include keeping formula in locked storage rooms and monitoring its use.

The initiative will also discontinue the practice of hospitals distributing free infant formula at the time of discharge, prohibit the display of formula promotional materials in hospitals, and encourage greater enforcement of existing regulations prohibiting the use of formula for breastfeeding infants unless medically indicated.

Yep, basically if you are a mother in a NYC hospital you are going to be strongly “encouraged” to breast-feed. I look forward to the news reports on additional mothers forgoing hospital births as a result of this. There surely will be some. There surely is some joke to be made here. Now government forces newborns on the teat, and then forces them to pay for the privilege of other adults to do the same later on.

Here is the last episode in the series.

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  1. Harry says:

    I am an expert on everything else in the world except for maternity. I did see my daughter born, the best day of my life beside my meeting my wife.

    May I pose a question to the group? Today everybody is all over Mitt Romney for not paying taxes on $22 million of income. My question is how come you just make $22 million if you are worth over $250 million, and is that not a sad commentary about investment opportunities today? I know if you are a Mormon, you tithe, but that should go to your credit, as opposed to Harry Reid’s demand that in addition people making $200K (unmarried people, a big demographic group) have to quadtithe.

    Mitt needs a better investment advisor. I could make him at least $20 million blindfolded.

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