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A few days ago we linked to a story on the latest paternalistic spasm from Mayor Mike.

When I mentioned it to my mother she quipped immediately back, “So people have a right to choose to abort their baby but when it’s born are not permitted the right to choose how to feed it?”

Well said mom.

BTW I was bottle fed. Maybe that explains my 5’4″ stature or my cheery demeanor.

3 Responses to “My Mom on Mayor Mike’s Boob Mandate”

  1. Harry says:

    Hahahaha, hahahaha, ha ha ha ha, haha!

    Yes, but you could catch and run fast, Mike. Do any of your new students know you were a football star, and that you played on an unlevel field?

  2. Power corrupts. People who seek it really do think that they deserve the power to decide for others. It goes back to Plato. Government involvement in family planning was advocated by Sen. Prescott S. Bush of Connecticut, and his son Congressman George H.W. Bush of Texas.. But realize, also, of course, that neither of them, nor Michael Bloomberg, could be accused of being a liberal or a progressive. They are all of them just sensible people whose success in life allowed them to act benevolently for others. Bloomberg’s opinions against supersized softdrinks and baby formula are not unreasonable on their own merits. And, as George H.W. Bush pointed out, clinics should be able to dispense the right medical information to those who need it and want it. But if you are opposed to contraception for religious reasons – or no reason, really; you do not need to justify your beliefs – and you pay taxes, then you end up paying for something you do not believe in. … which may well be the sine qua non of a functioning democracy …

  3. Harry says:

    Without throwing a cold blanket over Wintercow’s mother’s hilarious remark about Mother Mike Bloomberg….

    Michael, you are onto something about GHWB, the father of the modern perforative Voodoo Economics. That expression would color the debate during the election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and would postpone the full extent of big tax cuts until 1984, after which we experienced huge growth.

    (An aside: in parts of the investment community then, there were some, called “three percenters” by Robert Bartley of the WSJ, who were concerned by the economy growing too quickly. These were the demand-side Keynesans, who feared a Reagan success, and feared “overheating” as the price of crude oil plunged to less than $20 per barrel.

    Voodoo economics — supply-side economics triumphed.

    Since then, we got with the Bushes a thousand points of kinder, gentler, points of light, the same way they were taught at Yale and by Poppy.

    I will give both brave Bushes credit for looking at the big global picture, though. The execution may be criticized, but who knows where we would be today had Sadaam Hussein succeeded in acquiring the might to be the modern Saladin.

    In 2006, GWB exchanged a surge in Iraq for economic Armageddon here by trading chips with Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Arlen Specter, and Olympia Snowe. It was a bipartisan bargain. Who says government does not work?

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