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Sunday Ponderance

It's a pity that neither the USPS nor UPS delivers on Sundays. Think about all of the items you receive from each of those delivery services. What is the percentage of "awesome stuff / crappy stuff" for UPS as compared to the Post Office?

I'm not really making any particular point here of course, just remember that the USPS wanted to keep its death grip on first-class mail 40 years ago because that was "the good stuff" at least for their profitability. 

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  1. Harry says:

    We who do not bank on line are happy that bills do not come on Sundays. Checks never come on Saturday before the bank closes.

    Despite my admiration for Benjamin Franklin and his prescience for communication in a free republic, I wonder if he had envisioned that the post office would become our version of the Spanish National Railway.

    I have been one of the rural beneficiaries of a postal system that when I was a teenager wrote letters to girls and awaited their reply, have had sympathy with the postman, even with air mail. In the early sixties, I remember my mother putting a carton of cigarettes in the mailbox for the postman at Christmas as a tip.

    Today, the post office is beset with legacy costs, like the end of a chain letter that now is undeliverable and cannot be satisfactorily answered.

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