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Given the stuff that typically comes out of blogs (including this sordid one) maybe I should welcome it. Herewith the comments from Coyote. Bullseye as usual. Try to have this as a conversation at the next dinner party you attend.

If I were a Republican, or if I had one iota of trust in them, I might write that this is what the election is about.  Since I don’t have such trust, I will instead merely highlight Drum’s thoughts as a good representation of modern entitled thinking.  For God sakes this guy is not even trying to use my money to escape, say, a coal mine early.  He wants my cash to escape blogging early, perhaps the cushiest job there is (as indicated by the fact that many of us do it for no compensation what-so-ever).

Do read the whole thing. And c’mon Coyote, I have to call you out on a lie. You know full well the Kochs and Exxon pay us very well to continue spewing this trash

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  1. aarmlovi says:

    If the Kochs are paying us I want my cut! Of course I’d have to boost my writing output first.


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