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What, you thought I was talking about abortion? I find it incredibly “funny” that a disproportionate share of the people who would call themselves “pro-choice” in terms of a “woman’s right to choose” are basically opposed to allowing people to make their own choices anywhere else. Go check out some belief correlations. I am sure that “pro-choice” voters overwhelmingly support things like fat taxes, bans on fracking, promotion of manufacturing jobs in America, government schooling, etc. How is it that we’ve come to live in a world where “they” get to call themselves “pro-choice?” It’s an abomination.

I think it’s time for some civil disobedience to protest this sort of thing. Anyone have any ideas? Oh yeah, how about “choosing” not to deal with them? Wait, that’s not possible – the entire point of that agenda is to NOT permit us NOT to deal with them. Want to opt out of Social Security (I’m talking to you, recent college graduates, who are sure to get very little for our lifetime of payroll taxes paid)? Tough luck. Want to stop supporting your inefficient government school? Tough luck. Want to freely trade with someone from another country? Tough luck. Want to house a person from another country in your home while you help them find a job? Tough luck.

You don’t get to call yourself pro-choice if this comes close to characterizing you. I suggest regular mocking of people who claim such a mantle. And I mean it. It’s not like “rational discourse” is possible. It’s not. I’ve tried it. And have been removed from polite company. Mockery, I am told, had an influence in ending the KKK, so maybe mockery will work here too. It may be all that is left to keep the light of liberty lit. After all, there really is no-place else to exit to.

Have a nice day.

6 Responses to “Sunday Morning Ponderance: I AM Pro-Choice, What About You?”

  1. Harry says:

    A day or two Jesse Watters (Trinity grad, O’Reilly’s producer) said the Jersey City gas stations — I assume the ones just before the Holland Tunnel — were selling gas at $1.86, what it sold for in November 2008. I guess that is one way to occupy a garage near Wall Street.

    I am waiting for Pro Choice to evolve into choice for the free cell phones — access to Siri, for example.

    And while we are at it, what happened to the right of an Arab woman to choose her husband(s), or to choose to drive a Volt?

  2. Aaron McNay says:


    I thought you might find this Reason.tv video amusing, assuming that you have not already seen it. http://reason.com/reasontv/2012/09/05/how-pro-choice-are-democrats.
    In the video, a reporter asks “pro-choice” people if they think people should be able to make personal choices on things other than abortion. Based on this blog post, I am sure you already know what the responses of most of the people are.

    Aaron McNay

  3. mark says:

    i have always said this… you believe adamantly that a woman can obliterate what would be a life, an incredibly important moral, economic, and social decision, but on matters of much less importance like drug prohibition or organ sales they aren’t so keen on having rationally coexistent beliefs.

    forget about economic free-choice…the government is always their big daddy

  4. Z says:

    Can we stop picking on people who call themselves “pro choice” or “pro life”, just accept that those similarly-stupid terms apply only to this limited issue, and actually debate abortion and other issues on their own merits?

  5. Student says:

    I laughed a little during the video and then I ended up being quite sad by the time is was over. =/

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