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The entire fiscal cliff debate is sickening. Maybe I ought to post on it some time, but I have tried to stay out of it. I’d just get eaten up by the sausage grinder myself. In any case, this headline greeted me tonight, “Poll shows support for raising taxes on the rich” and down in the piece it says lots of people are not in favor of having Medicare, Social Security or Defense cut.

Are you kidding me? Of course people want to “tax them” so that “we can keep our stuff.” Asking people’s opinions about this is like asking whether Richard Simmons thinks it’s a good idea to add a mandatory extra hour of gym class for every employee in the country. The point of leadership is to make the hard choices.

To use a phrase making the rounds in the sports world these days,”It’s high time that the American people put on their big boy pants.”

3 Responses to “Most Vacuous Poll Ever”

  1. Harry says:

    It is like Richard Simmons demanding they eat two boxes of donuts each, and then do five minutes more on the treadmill from their 2008 base line.

  2. Harry says:

    If we are going back to the happy days of Clinton, as in 1978, why not revert to the same levels of actual spending? Float that one in the faculty lounge, and allow them to adjust dollars for inflation using calculators, if they cannot do it in their heads. Bonus question: what happened for real in 1983, and what was the price of crude oil ? This will stump the guys down the hallway in Harkness Hall.

    Every dollar of government spending requires a dollar of future taxes sooner or later, as Milton Friedman observed.

  3. Speedmaster says:

    >> “Poll shows support for raising taxes on the rich”

    I despise it when people argue that something is good/moral/proper simply because 51% or more people agree with it or do it. That’s the argument of a 10 year old, not an adult.

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