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Dog bites man.

2 Responses to “The Community Reinvestment Led to More Risky Lending”

  1. Harry says:

    Thanks for reading through these turgid articles from the NBER. You do yeoman duty, relieving us all who try to keep up with the flood of BS that flows around us every day, like a river.

    I note that the authors of this informative piece have names that might put them in a category unfavored by the political class, noncommunist Chinese Asians, who are assumed to be taking away American jobs. As Andy Stern would ask , how come these jobs are not filled by members of the SEIU?

  2. Trey says:

    I happen to be reading Thomas Sowell’s ‘The Housing Boom and Bust’. The CRA is front and center. More ‘government failure’. This is what happens when politics (open space rules, zoning laws, affordable housing) meets basic economics ((mis)allocation of scarce resources, (dis)incentives).


    But, I suppose espousing this explanation would qualify as heresy and a dis-invitation to dinner parties.

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