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Sunday Intemperence

Here are some ways to have oneself removed from polite company. Here are a few thoughts without comments on some of the current events you are surely sick of hearing about by now.

Two points on Lance Armstrong

(1) I love the disgust, outrage and sickness people are expressing about his lies and deceit. Your government does this every day as do the thousands of people who influence and control it (e.g. go ask a teacher’s union member if they believe a poor child from the inner city ought to be able to escape their school, or if someone with an ED degree ought to be able to teach in government schools), and despite the regular complaining of crank libertarians (perhaps like me), I don’t see the average Joe getting worked up. And the average Joe is of course far more impacted by the forked tongues of the people in congress, the statehouses, the white houses and more. What gives?

(2) I find it hard to respect the vitriol being thrown at him. Why? I have a view of the world, perhaps a scary one, that we are all very close (a bit of bad luck, a few bad days, etc.) to finding ourselves in a bad place. I think the outrage at Lance’s lying (which again I have no way to argue isn’t justified) has as much to do with the way we view and think of ourselves as anything. We all want to say we are better than that, that if we were in Lance’s position we would not have doped, or even if we did dope we would not attack people like he did. I’m not so sure. I’ve tried to live as upright a life as I can, and I’ve f*ck*d up several times and pretty seriously and maybe it is my jealousy at all of you guys who may be more saintly than me, but I don’t really think many of us are saints. So I’d feel a lot better if we all still had that rage, but sorta kept it to ourselves. We’re at base not all that different, me included.


And now as a way to really have myself removed from polite company:

… well, it’s a Sunday, maybe next week.

4 Responses to “Sunday Intemperence”

  1. Harry says:

    I assume the headline is a tyro.

    All of these sports controversies are ennui, except for the 1964 Trinity-Amherst game. That one was really important.

  2. Scott says:

    if lance didnt cheat, you wouldnt know who he was.

    The true problem here is the idol-worship of athletes (of every level, from tiny tots to college to pros) even for sports we NEVER WATCH (if you have watched more than three cumulative hours of televised cycling, you are lying)

    • Harry says:

      You got that one right, Scott. It is like watching a siege without the catapults and the Monty Python flying cows, just the starvation. Maybe they should have the Tour run with IED’s planted by French jihadists.

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