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B£@w Job Update

Windmills in England last half as long as advertised. I’m just cherry picking of course. So after fifteen years the average output of a windmill is 11% of rated capacity. This means a turbine rated at, say, 2.4MW actually has an effective rating of 264 kilowatts. Just for reference, a small home requires about 1 kilowatt of power to run its stuff, so over the course of a day it would need about 25 kilowatt-hours. So, this turbine could power about 100 homes.

4 Responses to “B£@w Job Update”

  1. chuck martel says:

    I’m curious how one would arrive at an estimate that ONE golden eagle would be killed by a windmill in a thirty year period. What information would be shoveled into the fact grinder that would enable this knowledge to emerge?

  2. Gallbladder says:

    Umm, you are now dividing by 24 hours twice. If the rated capacity is 2.4 MW and average actual output is 264 kW, then that is 264×24 kWh per day.

    Of course, in reality the output varies during the day and consumption in houses varies during the day (and with different patterns of course) so that the turbine can surely power fewer than 250 homes.

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