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Here it Comes

You can bet your sorry asses that the offsets will never be part of it. Nice to know that Bill McKibben is directing economic policy. Tip to the greenies, once you have the tax, the “in energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass” are not part of the policy “solution.” Welcome rent-seekers all. I am sure the McKibbies are going to tell us all about increasing returns to scale and other reasons we need to not only raise taxes but also to funnel that into politically directed Green Energy. And what about the last 30 years and billions of spending on those things? And of course, let’s not remind McKibbie and his congregation that much biomass, solar and wind is not only not going to save the planet, but could very reasonably contribute to wrecking it.

Amen comrades!

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  1. Trey says:

    Scary fact of the day: “Lovins correctly notes that the renewable industry will employ a lot more people than the fossil fuel industry. He stated that the wind industry already employs more people than the coal industry, even though it produces a fraction of coal’s output.”


    Wind energy must be a negative sum game. Really. If we subtracted all the energy that went in to making turbines (out of energy hungry steel), mining neodymium, putting up extra power lines, building roads on top of (beautiful) hills so that parts can be transported and towers installed, keeping gas turbines in spinning reserve mode for backup, etc., I’ll bet we haven’t produced a positive amount of energy. But we may never know. Wind power Is fueled by our tax dollars, which seem to be infinite. 

    To believe in wind energy is to believe that we should have unemployed people put to work generating electricity by riding special bicycles which power the grid. The first and second laws of thermodynamics say this is a bad idea, but politics trumps science (as it did in Galileo’s day). 

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